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Encyclopedia of agriculture and food systems / editor-in-chief: Neal K. Van Alfen

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[London, England; Waltham, Massachusetts] : Academic Press, Elsevier Science & Technology, 2014.
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Boston, Massachusetts : Credo Reference, 2015.


Second edition.
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Editorial Board -- Preface -- Permission Acknowledgments -- A -- Advances in Animal Biotechnology -- Advances in Pesticide Risk Reduction -- Agbiotechnology: Costs and Benefits of Genetically Modified Papaya -- Agribusiness Organization and Management -- Agricultural Cooperatives -- Agricultural Ethics and Social Justice -- Agricultural Finance -- Agricultural Labor: Demand for Labor -- Agricultural Labor: Gender Issues -- Agricultural Labor: Labor Market Operation -- Agricultural Labor: Supply of Labor -- Agricultural Law -- Agricultural Mechanization -- Agricultural Policy: A Global View -- Agroforestry: Complex Multistrata Agriculture -- Agroforestry: Conservation Trees and Erosion Prevention -- Agroforestry: Fertilizer Trees -- Agroforestry: Fodder Trees -- Agroforestry: Hydrological Impacts -- Agroforestry: Participatory Domestication of Trees -- Agroforestry: Practices and Systems -- Air: Confined Animal Facilities and Air Quality Issues -- Air: Greenhouse Gases from Agriculture -- Analyses of Total Phenolics, Total Flavonoids, and Total Antioxidant Activities in Foods and Dietary Supplements -- Animal Health: Ectoparasites -- Animal Health: Foot-and-Mouth Disease -- Animal Health: Global Antibiotic Issues -- Animal Health: Mycotoxins -- Animal Health: Tuberculosis -- Animal Welfare: Stress, Global Issues, and Perspectives -- Asian Aquaculture -- B -- Beef Cattle -- Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Agroecosystems -- Biodiversity: Conserving Biodiversity in Agroecosystems -- Biosecurity and Equine Infectious Diseases -- Biotechnology Crop Adoption: Potential and Challenges of Genetically Improved Crops -- Biotechnology: Herbicide-Resistant Crops -- Biotechnology: Pharming -- Biotechnology: Plant Protection -- Biotechnology: Regulatory Issues -- Breeding: Animals -- Breeding: Plants, Modern -- C -- Changing Structure and Organization of US Agriculture -- Climate Change: Agricultural Mitigation -- Climate Change and Plant Disease -- Climate Change: Animal Systems -- Climate Change: Cropping System Changes and Adaptations -- Climate Change: Horticulture -- Climate Change: New Breeding Pressures and Goals -- Climate Change, Society, and Agriculture: An Economic and Policy Perspective -- Cloning Animals by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transplantation -- Cloning: Plants & Micropropagation/Tissue Culture -- Computer Modeling: Applications to Environment and Food Security -- Computer Modeling: Policy Analysis and Simulation -- Consumer-Oriented New Product Development -- Critical Tracking Events Approach to Food Traceability -- Crop Insurance -- Crop Pollination -- D -- Dairy Animals -- Detection and Causes of Bovine Mastitis with Emphasis on Staphylococcus aureus -- Determining Functional Properties and Sources of Recently Identified Bioactive Food Components: Oligosaccharides, Glycolipids, Glycoproteins, and Peptides -- Domestication of Animals -- Domestication of Plants -- Dust Pollution from Agriculture --
E -- Ecoagriculture: Integrated Landscape Management for People, Food, and Nature -- Economics of Natural Resources and Environment in Agriculture -- Edaphic Soil Science, Introduction to -- Emerging Plant Diseases -- Emerging Zoonoses in Domesticated Livestock of Southeast Asia -- Energy and Greenhouse Gases Footprint of Food Processing -- F -- Farm Management -- Fermentation: Food Products -- Fermented Beverages -- Food Chain: Farm to Market -- Food Engineering -- Food Labeling -- Food Law -- Food Marketing -- Food Microbiology -- Food Packaging -- Food Safety: Emerging Pathogens -- Food Safety: Food Analysis Technologies/Techniques -- Food Safety: Shelf Life Extension Technologies -- Food Security: Development Strategies -- Food Security: Food Defense and Biosecurity -- Food Security, Market Processes, and the Role of Government Policy -- Food Security: Postharvest Losses -- Food Security: Yield Gap -- Food Toxicology -- Forage Crops -- From Foraging to Agriculture -- G -- Genebanks: Past, Present, and Optimistic Future -- Genomics of Food Animals -- Genomics: Plant Genetic Improvement -- Global Agriculture: Industrial Feedstocks for Energy and Materials -- Global Food Supply Chains -- Government Agricultural Policy, United States -- Green Revolution: Past, Present, and Future -- H -- Heterosis in Plants -- Human Nutrition: Malnutrition and Diet -- I -- Industrialized Farming and Its Relationship to Community Well-Being -- Integrated Pest Management in Tree Fruit Crops -- Intellectual Property in Agriculture -- International and Regional Institutions and Instruments for Agricultural Policy, Research, and Development -- International Trade -- Invasive Aquatic Animals -- Invasive Species: Plants -- Investments in and the Economic Returns to Agricultural and Food R&D Worldwide -- L -- Land Use: Catchment Management -- Land Use, Land Cover, and Food-Energy-Environment Trade-Off: Key Issues and Insights for Millennium Development Goals -- Land Use: Management for Biodiversity and Conservation -- Land Use: Restoration and Rehabilitation -- Linkages of the Agricultural Sector: Models and Precautions -- M -- Marek's Disease and Differential Diagnosis with Other Tumor Viral Diseases of Poultry -- Market-Based Incentives for the Conservation of Ecosystem Services in Agricultural Landscapes: Examples from Coffee Cultivation in Latin America -- Markets and Prices -- Mathematical Models to Elaborate Plans for Adaptation of Rural Communities to Climate Change -- Medicinal Crops -- Mineral Nutrition and Suppression of Plant Disease -- N -- Natural Capital, Ecological Infrastructure, and Ecosystem Services in Agroecosystems -- O -- Organic Agricultural Production: Plants -- Organic Livestock Production --
P -- Pathogen-Tested Planting Material -- Plant Abiotic Stress: Salt -- Plant Abiotic Stress: Temperature Extremes -- Plant Abiotic Stress: Water -- Plant Biotic Stress: Weeds -- Plant Cloning: Macropropagation -- Plant Disease and Resistance -- Plant Health Management: Biological Control of Insect Pests -- Plant Health Management: Biological Control of Plant Pathogens -- Plant Health Management: Crop Protection with Nematicides -- Plant Health Management: Fungicides and Antibiotics -- Plant Health Management: Herbicides -- Plant Health Management: Pathogen Suppressive Soils -- Plant Health Management: Soil Fumigation -- Plant Health Management: Soil Solarization -- Plant Virus Control by Post-Transcriptional Gene Silencing -- Policy Frameworks for International Agricultural and Rural Development -- Poultry and Avian Diseases -- Precision Agriculture: Irrigation -- Production Economics -- Public & Private Partnerships in Agroforestry -- Q -- Quantitative Methods in Agricultural Economics -- Quarantine and Biosecurity -- R -- Regulatory Challenges to Commercializing the Products of Ag Biotech -- Regulatory Conventions and Institutions that Govern Global Agricultural Trade -- Root and Tuber Crops -- Rural Sociology -- S -- Safety of Street Food: Indonesia's Experience -- Sensory Science -- Simulation Modeling: Applications in Cropping Systems -- Slum Livestock Agriculture -- Small Ruminants in Smallholder Integrated Production Systems -- Social Justice: Preservation of Cultures in Traditional Agriculture -- Soil: Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Systems -- Soil: Conservation Practices -- Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition -- Soil Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Their Mitigation -- Soil: Nutrient Cycling -- Spices and Aromatics -- Stem Cells -- Sugar Crops -- Swine Diseases and Disorders -- T -- Terroir: The Application of an Old Concept in Modern Viticulture -- Transgenic Methodologies & Plants -- Tree Fruits and Nuts -- V -- Vaccines and Vaccination Practices: Key to Sustainable Animal Production -- Virtual Water and Water Footprint of Food Production and Processing -- Vitamins and Food-Derived Biofactors -- W -- Water: Advanced Irrigation Technologies -- Water Use: Recycling and Desalination for Agriculture -- Water: Water Quality and Challenges from Agriculture -- Weather Forecasting Applications in Agriculture -- World Water Supply and Use: Challenges for the Future -- Z -- Zoonotic Helminths of Livestock.
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This reference work comprehensively covers the important areas of agriculture and food science, covering important methods, practices and ideas in this growing discipline.
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Agriculture and food systems.
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